Our People | Meet Charles Beer

December 22nd 2021

At Crown Partnership, we know that the recipe for success across all our brands is our people. Therefore, we have taken some time out to speak to the people who make up Crown Partnership.

Introducing Charles Beer

Self-confessed petrol head Charles has been a vital member of the Crown Partnership team since 2000. Growing up in the world of hospitality, Charles always aspired to become a chef, but if he wasn’t a talented member of the Crown Family, his alternative dream job as a child was to be a long-distance lorry driver. Thankfully for the Partnership, he chose hospitality. Learn more about Charles below.

You have been a Crown employee for nearly 22 years, why do you think you have stayed here for so long?

Mostly, I suspect, because it does not feel like 22 years. The Partnership has many different moving parts and has changed over the years, so there is never a dull moment that keeps it engaging and interesting.

What three characteristics do you look for in new employees?

An appetite to learn and succeed. Respect, for themselves, their fellow team members and the Partnership. Initiative.

What role do organisations like Crown have in driving change around issues such as sustainability and meat consumption?

Whilst we don’t have the volume impact of some of our bigger industry players, we do have the ability to be nimble in our decision making around what we and as importantly our clients want. We are not tied into a procurement driven machine so the choices we make can be Partnership wide or based on individual clients’ requirements. I think this sets us apart.

The last 20 months have undoubtedly been challenging for the catering and hospitality industry. How difficult has it been to adapt to the changes and how did you remain motivated?

It has been incredibly difficult for the whole industry which has been in survival mode. We have all worked harder than ever and doing things we have never done before, all with the intent that we will come out the other side of this.

You have to focus yourself to not take it all personally, as you can only change the things you are in control of, not those you are not. Not always easy but good discipline.

What is the biggest thing you have learned during the pandemic?

I think everybody has looked at themselves and the role they play in their own lives, so I have learnt that everybody will have a different view on things now than they did pre-pandemic and that if we explore these, there are benefits and positives to learn from taking a different perspective.

What’s the best bit of advice you have ever received?

It was a long time ago from a very close friend to my family. I was struggling to be comfortable with my first role as an MD. He was an extremely successful self-made businessman who simply told me that he did not have to work anymore, but he chose to and even then, 50% of what was required of him he didn’t enjoy doing, but if you want to run a successful business you must tackle the bad as enthusiastically as the good. It has stuck with me for over 20 years.

What has been your biggest achievement with Crown Partnership?

That is an interesting question as achievement is measured in many ways. However, I think the Partnership is well respected as a long-standing independent when the industry is increasingly delivered through the corporate entities, but I think the biggest achievement is the amazing team of people we have, whether the other long-standing members or those that have joined us more recently.

Describe your perfect meal?

That’s easy, great company!