SEALIFE Brighton opens its doors for private functions since opening in 1872

January 11th 2022

For the first time in its history, Sealife Brighton, the world’s oldest aquarium, will be opening its doors for private parties and hospitality events.

Sealife Brighton, which opened in 1872 and originally had a roller-skating rink on its roof, will be welcoming guests for private parties, dinners and functions at its historic venue.

Merlin Events has awarded exclusive hospitality rights to Seasoned, who are also in partnership with Sealife London as well as other Merlin venues.

Matt Worthington, Head of Events for Merlin Entertainments, says, “Having such a historic venue as Sealife Brighton being available for private hire is very exciting. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Seasoned, bringing what they have achieved at our other Merlin venues to Brighton”.

Seasoned has also been catering at The Brighton Centre for over 10 years and are very much part of the local community.

Graham Turner, the Managing Partner of Venues, says “We are extremely excited about expanding our relationship with Merlin and Brighton as a destination.

This stunning facility, now available for the first time to the many conferences, conventions and private parties that come to Brighton every year, can now choose a very special and unique venue.

We are looking forward to being a great partner to the Brighton community and Merlin Events”.