We may be 40 years old, but we’re not past it yet!

We are an all-encompassing events, catering & hospitality provider, offering a wealth of experience, passion & stability.

We have been, are, & always will be independently owned. Our three shareholders have grown with the company & evolved with the ever-changing trends.

Their life-time of experience allows us to offer the ultimate personal service, tailor-made to your needs & bespoke to your dreams.


Crown n.

An award or distinction gained by a victory or achievement.

Synonyms: title, award, accolade, honour, distinction, glory, kudos

Partnership n.

A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterised by mutual co-operation & responsibility for the achievement of a common goal.

It’s a lie that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Who we are

A crown is the symbol of what we do & who we are.

We founded the business over 40 years ago & we have moulded it into a beautifully diverse model, oozing creativity & knowledge.

Created by hand & with passion, our crown has been crafted over the years to form the partnership that you see before you today.

We've taught our teams to walk and now they are running marathons, but like all good coaches we are here to impart our wisdom if ever needed

What we do

We share our strengths & build strong partnerships on solid foundations.

We are masters of our destiny & our fountain of knowledge flows through all of our partnerships.

We are young at heart & keep our clients excited about the future.

Giving someone the smallest of investments can take them to big places, we say the bigger the better!

How we do it

We are personal in our approach & the ultimate antidote to 'corporate' business, bringing authenticity & individuality.

Our people are the jewels in our crown. We polish them & let them shine to their true potential.

You spend most of your life with the people you work with, so it’s a great reason to partner with the right people from the start

We are not here to grow our egos, we’re here to grow our partnerships & work with genuine & dedicated people.

We don’t baffle people with jargon or commercial spiel, what you see is what you get.

We have big ideas, some crazier than others, but it doesn’t hurt to go crazy every now and again.

We love nothing more than providing an honest, quality led service.

We love what we do & we do what we love. If we didn’t it would have been a pretty dull 40 years!

We are pioneers at heart, not afraid to develop new ideas, boldly going where no one has gone before!

We always have our finger on the pulse of ever-changing trends & technology.

Our creative trailblazer Daniel Clifford, forges the pathway for innovation & development flying his two Michelin star standard.

He lays down his 5 AA Rosette gauntlet igniting our creative minds to deliver the extraordinary.

We love our local suppliers!

Our curves


They provide us with treasures & we provide them with gold.

We are a match made in heaven & a partnership founded on quality.

We don’t pretend to be tree hugging hippies. We’re more flower power fanatics

Environmentally responsible

Our eco-warriors ensure we embrace everything eco-friendly. Some are more practical than others, but we roll with it.

Our medals of honour are a wonderful sight to behold

Trophy shelf

All of the blood, sweat & tears were worth every effort as our awards & accreditations are our shining beacons of quality & form the soul of the partnership.


Senior Partner